Thursday, March 24, 2011

Earth Day Event Schedule

9am - Noon : Wetland Restoration Work Party
(Campus wetland)

11am : Planting of the "W"
(UWB Promenade)

11am - 4pm : Electric/Hybrid Vehicle displays
(UWB Promenade and South Parking Garage)

11am - 4pm : Recycling Event
(GLA courtyard)

11am - 4pm : Goats
(Near the Elders)

11am - 4pm : Seedling Giveaway, Worm Bin Display & Pledge Event
(GLA courtyard)

11am - 4pm : Community and Environmental Organization booths
(Book courtyard by the Library)

11am - 4pm : Commuter Services/Alternative Transportation & Earth Day booths
(UWB Promenade or Book courtyard by the Library)

11am - 4pm : Student Organization booths
(Mobius Foyer & UWB Promenade)

Noon - 2pm : Speakers, including John Van Leer, Maximilian Dixon, and Brian Dale. Introductions by Chancellor Kenyon Chan and President Eric Murray.
(Mobius Hall)

Noon - 3pm : Energy Dashboard display
(UWB Commons)

2 - 3pm : Poetry Reading and display
(To be decided)


1.       Houston, We Have A Problem will show in CC3-103 in the GLA at 6pm, followed by discussion. It’s a room with comfy armchairs, well suited to this purpose.
2.       The 11th Hour will spool on the TV in the Stopwatch Espresso area in CC1/2 all day.

Served around lunch time. Fruit, veggies and cupcakes from PCC.


Sustainability Organization at UWB
Cascadia Sustainable Energy Club
Cascadia Student Government
UW Bothell Alumni
Gay Straight Alliance

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Developments

We have a new volunteer list on the blog. There are lot's of great opportunities. Please click on the "Volunteer Sign-up List" tab and get signed up!

It looks like Mobius Hall is pretty booked up. But we are still trying to get permission to use it for speakers and perhaps a few booths between 11am and 1 or 1:30pm. Depending on how many speakers we have, we may also book room 005 in UW2.

Some CCC students have suggested we show some Earth Day/Environmental themed movies. We are looking into showing one somewhere on the Cascadia side of campus as well as in the commons later in the afternoon or early evening. There are so many movies to choose from so having them in multiple locations makes sense.

Just as a reminder, we are still in need of student or local musicians to play on campus during the event. Thank you!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Newest Event Updates

After holding a meeting on Monday the 7th with several UWB and CCC administrators and staff, Melissa and I came away with some pretty solid developments. We are still attempting to work out a deal to rent Mobius Hall for the speakers between 11am and 5pm. A tentative list of speakers includes: Denis Hayes (or someone from the Bullitt Foundation), Estella Leopold, myself, and Chancellor Chan. Perhaps we could have a faculty member as well. We would like faculty involvement with this project. As of right now we have none.

We have quite a list of local community and environmental organizations that are being invited to set up tables/booths. Most of these will be set up on the "book" courtyard next to the library. There will also be a booth containing information on the history and importance of Earth Day and a booth on alternative transportation that talks about what's going on at the campus. Some of them may be set up within Mobius Hall. Also possibly in Mobius Hall student organizations will have booths. We are working on having some kind of locally produced food available, as well as music performed by students between speakers.

Kids from surrounding K-12 schools may be attending the event. Possible activities include the recycling event, a wetland tour, and interacting with or viewing the goats.

On the UWB side of campus there will be goats, EV/Hybrid vehicles on display (11am - 4pm), the planting of the "W", and a recycling event. There will also be a seedling/worm giveaway. This will include signing a pledge to help the environment that will be put together to form an artistic display. It will also include some instructions on planting a tree and composting. On the UWB side there will also be a dashboard display, which will be explained in more detail at a later date.

We will continue to post updates as they develop. Be sure to check out the Sub-Committee page to figure out what we need help with. Please feel free to contact either myself (Maximilian Dixon) or Melissa Clark if you have any questions, ideas, concerns and or want to VOLUNTEER!! Thank you!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Updates on Earth Day Event

I have created the student organization (Sustainability Organization at UWB) that will be the sponsor group for the event. I will be submitting a SOAP application for funds as soon as we have a better idea of the overall budget. I will also be looking into having other organizations and or sources helping match this funding. This is vital, so any assistance is most welcome.

The event will most likely be taking place mainly between noon and 4pm. We will be scheduling the events so that the main ones do not overlap too much. We are also still working on reserving rooms. I will add more as things unfold.

Freddie and Karama are working diligently on reaching out to organizations who are interested in having booths and tables at the event. Teresa and Tyson have been working hard on the recycling part of the event. It should be great. Dayna with the CEB is looking at possibly having a concert later in the evening and a speaker. That should be really fun. A lot of staff are helping as well with figuring out how to promote this event as well as with the budgeting. I really appreciate their valuable help. Of course Tony has some really exciting stuff with the EV/Hybrids and goats. Also Andrew and the UWB facilities staff have the wetlands restoration event all worked out, which is great. Thank you everyone else who is working hard on making this event happen.

We still need more volunteers! That means students! This is a great opportunity to gain experience with event organization, meet cool people, and you are helping the campus, the community, and the environment!