Friday, March 4, 2011

Updates on Earth Day Event

I have created the student organization (Sustainability Organization at UWB) that will be the sponsor group for the event. I will be submitting a SOAP application for funds as soon as we have a better idea of the overall budget. I will also be looking into having other organizations and or sources helping match this funding. This is vital, so any assistance is most welcome.

The event will most likely be taking place mainly between noon and 4pm. We will be scheduling the events so that the main ones do not overlap too much. We are also still working on reserving rooms. I will add more as things unfold.

Freddie and Karama are working diligently on reaching out to organizations who are interested in having booths and tables at the event. Teresa and Tyson have been working hard on the recycling part of the event. It should be great. Dayna with the CEB is looking at possibly having a concert later in the evening and a speaker. That should be really fun. A lot of staff are helping as well with figuring out how to promote this event as well as with the budgeting. I really appreciate their valuable help. Of course Tony has some really exciting stuff with the EV/Hybrids and goats. Also Andrew and the UWB facilities staff have the wetlands restoration event all worked out, which is great. Thank you everyone else who is working hard on making this event happen.

We still need more volunteers! That means students! This is a great opportunity to gain experience with event organization, meet cool people, and you are helping the campus, the community, and the environment!

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